Treasury Historical Association


Noontime Lecture Series

Lectures on historical topics relating to Treasury are regularly offered for current THA members, with occasional invitations for members to bring guests. Advanced information is provided to members and reservations are usually required.  Lectures usually take place in the historic Cash Room of the Treasury Building.  Speakers have included leading scholars and former Secretaries of the Treasury.  Detailed information is provided to THA members in advance of each event.

Filmed Lectures

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Office of Tax Policy

Walter Bagehot
and His Critics

James Grant

The Treasury’s Navy – U.S. Customs and U.S. Coast Guard

Retired Special Agent in Charge, United States Customs Service, Steven W. Hooper

“Is this the Fruit of Freedom?”: Freedwomen and the Freedman’s Bank

Shennette Garrett-Scott, Ph.D.

Challenging Myths about Alexander Hamilton

Nancy Bradeen Spannaus

The 1913 Suffrage Parade and the Women's Fight for the Vote

Rebecca Boggs Roberts

Reminiscences of My Time at Treasury: An Olympic Experience

Former United States Treasurer Angela Marie “Bay” Buchanan

Complications for the United States from International Credits, 1913-1940

George Hall, Ph.D.

Just before Bretton Woods: The Atlantic City Financial Conference, June 1944

Kurt Schuler, Ph.D.

Alexander Hamilton and the Development of American Law

Kate Elizabeth Brown, Ph.D.