Treasury Historical Association

Who We Are

The Treasury Historical Association

The Treasury Historical Association (THA) is a nonprofit organization that celebrates and shares the mission and vision of the U.S. Treasury Department. We are committed to making financial civics and literacy accessible to all by preserving the living history of the institution so that more Americans can realize the opportunities it affords.

Restoration & Maintenance

We recognize the historical significance of the Treasury Building as both a monument to the American economy and for its role as a modern office building. Through programs and campaigns, we aim to ensure the longevity of the structure by sponsoring updates and repairs.

Knowledge Acquisition & Education

Our focus on preservation extends beyond physical walls to the institution’s historical documents and artifacts. Through lecture series, documentaries, publications, and more, we support the acquisition, protection, study, and use of historical documents that honor the Department’s past and help shape its future.

Community Building

We aim to foster a community of stewards committed to upholding the Department’s institutional history and knowledge base. Our strong community ties and continuous outreach works to uphold the Treasury’s legacy by bridging the gap between the past, present, and future, and bolstering the Treasury’s mission to serve the American people.

Financial Civics

The U.S. Treasury provides the underpinning of the American free market economy and we believe that a basic knowledge of its role is central to economic literacy — a key component of responsible citizenship.

Economic literacy should be commonplace, not held behind a closed door only accessible for those with the right key. Instead, we aim to make financial civics accessible and digestible for all, creating and developing engaging programs and content that encourages a desire to better understand how the inner workings of the Treasury impact the daily lives of ordinary people.