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The Treasury Historical Association

The Treasury Historical Association (THA) upholds the legacy of the U.S. Treasury Department by stewarding its relevance into modernity. Through education and preservation, THA makes the work of the Treasury accessible to all Americans so that we may understand its role in the welfare of the Nation.

Preserving The Past, To Inspire the Future

The U.S. Treasury exemplifies prosperity, strength, stability, and continuity—core values of the American financial system. At THA, we believe it is our duty to uphold these ideals and preserve the living history of the Department to protect its legacy and grandeur for future generations.

We maintain the institutional and architectural history of the Department so that we may advance educational programs and community enrichment activities that inspire an appreciation for financial civics and the opportunities it affords.

Our impact rests on three key pillars:

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A current THA initiative - Restoring two statues and a Liberty Bell

Three iconic bronze castings situated on Treasury’s grounds will be restored over several months in 2023-24. The three subjects—Alexander Hamilton, Albert Gallatin, and a significant Liberty Bell replica from the Korean War era—have not been restored for over 25 years and need urgent attention.

Following the tradition of private support that played a major role in the creation of all three, Treasury Historical Association has committed to fund the $300,000 required to complete the work. These funds comprise an important component of the ongoing Campaign for Alexander Hamilton’s Treasury.

Upon completion of the restorations, rededication ceremonies and other celebrations will be held.

Dedication of the Alexander Hamilton Statue on Treasury Grounds May 17, 1923

Treasury History & Tours

Bring the rich history of the U.S. Treasury to life and find out how it impacts your daily activities by booking a tour of the grand building in Washington, DC, or learning more right from your own home.

Treasury Department

Responsible for maintaining the nation’s financial systems as part of the Federal Government

Treasury Building

A working office building & symbol of strength for the U.S. economy

Treasury Tours

Plan your visit of the historical landmark in Washington, DC

Oral History

Remembering the past through the words of those who lived it

Financial Civics

The U.S. Treasury provides the underpinning of the American free market economy and we believe that a basic knowledge of its role is central to economic literacy—a key component of responsible citizenship.

Economic literacy should be commonplace, not held behind a closed door only accessible for those with the right key. Instead, we aim to make financial civics accessible and digestible for all, creating and developing engaging programs and content that encourages a desire to better understand how the inner workings of the Treasury impact the daily lives of ordinary people.


Featured Programs

Explore our many offerings—from films to lecture programs—that make it easy to understand the role the Treasury plays in providing for the prosperity of the nation and welfare of its citizens.

A New & Important Addition to the Treasury Collection

In March 2023, the Treasury Historical Association acquired an important engraving that includes the portrait of Blanche K. Bruce.  Born enslaved, Bruce was the first African-American elected to a full term in the Senate, and later served as Register of the Treasury, becoming the first African-American to sign U.S. currency. 

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Educational Documentary Film

Watch a short introduction to the Treasury Building by the former Treasury Secretaries who worked in its halls.


THA Lecture Program

For over three decades, THA has provided noontime lectures, usually in the majestic Cash Room of the Treasury Building, with speakers from many segments: former Treasury Secretaries and U.S. Treasurers, noted authors of Treasury-related publications, academicians, current specialist employees of the Department and others. These lectures cover a wide range of Treasury-related topics and are available for public viewing both in person and online.

The Campaign for Alexander Hamilton’s Treasury

This capital comprehensive campaign encompasses seven key restoration projects in the National Historic Landmark Treasury Building, including restoration of the three iconic statues positioned on Treasury grounds.  Education projects, including insights into former U.S. Treasurers and their career stories, educational documentary film, and an enhanced lecture program are also included. 

Additional details are posted under Campaign.

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Understanding that the U.S. Treasury maintains a living history means acknowledging that the record being created today is as much about what has happened in the past as it is about what is happening in the news now.

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