Treasury Historical Association

The Treasury Building

Welcome Inside the Fortress of Finance

The Portrait Gallery of former Treasury Secretaries leads to many of the executive offices.


South Wing

The Secretary’s Conference Room has just completed restoration.

This rare portrait of Abraham Lincoln was acquired and restored by the Treasury Historical Association.  During the restoration, it was discovered that there was an over paint of the original, which was likely a portrait of a young Lincoln when we was a Congressman from Illinois.  The over paint added a receding hairline and beard to create an image more familiar to his years as President.  The buttons on his shirt where ornamented with small crosses, a sign of respect for the deceased, indicating the over paint was done after Lincoln’s assassination.

The South Wing includes much of the Secretaries Portrait Gallery, which includes a painting of every Treasury Secretary dating to Alexander Hamilton.  The Hamilton portrait is a faithful recreation of an original that sits in New York City Hall.  It is currently located at the entry to the Secretary’s Office.

West Wing

This vault, next to the Office of the U.S. Treasurer, was rediscovered when a wall enclosing it was removed.